Success Stories

Our clients over the years have commented on how pleased they are with AppLinx's technology implementations. Here is what our clients are saying: "Our website really brings us front and centre
in the market and we have gotten tremendous positive feedback on its look and feel. It really has
made a tremendous difference." "The technology is so seemlessly integrated with our legacy system
that you hardly know that it is there." "The AppLinx team was so intuitive and proactive that our
corporate workflow needs have been streamlined and our business runs more efficiently with the new system implementation." "Our new website is much more in step with our corporate branding and the design is much more intuitive and easy to navigate."

AppLinx gages its success by customer feedback and more importantly customers that continue to
enjoy our eBusiness implementation services. Here are a few customer success stories outlining
the positive impact the AppLinx team has had on these organizations.